Wednesday, 2 March 2011

cyber mum?

i'm on a new netbook; the plan is that it makes me more flexible and as such i can blog more than once every four months. which frankly is shockingly bad and i don't blame anyone for not bothering anymore. it's not as if we don't all have enough to do without checking a blog to see if it's got any nuggets of semi-interest within, only to find that once again the slack writer has decided to watch silent witness, or holby city, instead of putting fingers to motherboard. of course the latter viewing option will only be the case if adam is away. if present it's a definite no, more so than for any other programme, even 'stenders which he despises with a disgust otherwise reserved for creationism. any medical media sends adam into an unusual state of fear that simply viewing the episode is the equivalent of farting loudly in the face of fate. for one so binary and so scientific it is a slight; a wobble in the universe of all things algebraic. it is the glitch in his matrix; the black moggy in his otherwise uber-developed cougar brain, maverick. shall i continue? no. suffice to say that i tend to save up holby for tv catch-up options, therewith university challenge and my new fave, outcasts. this is a fantastic mix of star trek blended with a good glug of survivors, a smattering of spooks and just enough rugged men in rugged outfits to allow me to gloss over any plot oversights. these tv gems, combined with my turquoise massssssive dressing gown, the fire on and a quickly cooked jp or veggie stir fry are the way that most evenings play out when adam is away. although when he's around there's not a huge variation: i may shy away from the massssssive dressing gown and instead choose a less engulfing clothing item, the meal may contain more meat but otherwise once the kids are down and dinner is cooked, washing out and start of packed lunch lobbed into unnecessarily expensive lunch box (honestly, if we needed a guide to inflationary increases we should graph these; exponential i'd say. £8.95 for one with buzz on?! it's plastic, it has no insulation, it has a zip and an image. hello kitty had virtually peeled off by half term so these expensive offerings of plastic also appear to have a half-school-year life expectancy) then it's an hour of tv and bed. not really an evening; more a dinner break. but now i can bring this into bed and type! (will sleep re-enter the priority list one day? talking of which it's half eleven, i do my long work day tomorrow and i walked around the zoo for four hours today so must actually go now and attempt to ease sciattica bought on from brisk (ish) walk after months of hibernation.). laters, cyber monkeys.

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